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Animals that are unbelievably awesome.

are you KIDDING that last picture is so full of ACTION and DRAMA why aren’t we talking about it


13 cats failing at hide and seek

As good as cats think they are at hiding from us, we know better.

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The year is 2214

A person is walking through a mueseum and sees a CD

"I remember that band, my great-grandma used to love them." Says the person

Drum beats fill the air as Fall Out Boy comes down from the heavens

They did it

They were remembered for centuries


you ever think about the other sperm you beat out to exist?

the astronauts?

the rappers?

the concert pianists?

but you, the tumblr blogger

you won

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Animal fun fact: Chinchillas can’t get wet. Their fur retains too much water and will start to grow mold. So they bathe by rolling around in dust.

Chinchilla fun fact: Chinchillas have around 20 hairs per follicle; unlike humans who have 2-3 hairs per follicle. Because their fur is so dense, they cannot get fleas or other parasites. The bugs will suffocate in their fur.

Chinchilla fun fact: Petting one of those awesome little guys feels like touching a motherfucking cloud.

Chinchilla fun fact: Their newborn babies are like little pieces of fluffy popcorn. You could easily just toss a handful in your mouth.

Chinchilla fun fact: Don’t toss a handful into your mouth.

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This bit of dialogue makes me angry, because it was written by Robbie Thompson to be said in reverse (Dean saying he wanted to read the books), and J2 decided to switch it when it was filmed.
It just completely cheapens the line and makes it all about making fun of Dean’s perceived levels of intelligence, when the man is canonically a damn genius who reads stuff like Vonnegut and the Odyssey in his spare time…
It’s moments like this that make me wonder sometimes at the wisdom of letting J2 have as much control over scenes as they appear to. They are great actors, but they occasionally get stuck in the mindset of their characters in a way that makes them view the characters in a specific way. Character bleed is a powerful thing. Sometimes it leads to beautiful moments (Dean keeping the trenchcoat), but other times stuff just…
Gets lost along the way.


i see a lot of people saying we should let the actors make decisions for their characters but they’re not always right. i mean ffs jensen thought the trenchcoat thing was unmanly and gay and whatnot.

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